The best part about going on vacations and exploring new destinations, is getting to experience unfamiliar cultures and sharing in their beauty. Food is a huge part of culture, and as a traveller, it is very important to be open minded and be respectful about other cultures. Jordanians pride themselves in being warm and welcoming to visitors especially with food. This is quick to see, when you visit Jordan with Estymol Travels. Find out what meals to try in Jordan :


Mansaf is said to be the national dish of Jordan and the most popular traditional one. It is usually served on a large tray. The meal is made of rice, lamb, rice and yoghurt sauce. A thin bread is covered with rice and meat with lots of sprinkled almonds and pine nuts. It is a meal that is traditionally eaten by hand.

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The name literally translates to upside down. This dish consists of potatoes, chicken, rice and spices cooked in one pot. After it is done cooking, it is flipped over on a tray. It usually looks like a cake of rice and chicken and often eaten with cold fresh yoghurt by the side.

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This is famous all through the middle East and with different variations: chicken, lamb, and beef. The meat of choice is cooked on a skewer or over an open fire. Meat cuts mixed with vegetables and a sauce are wrapped in pita bread to make this yummy street food.

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A popular Jordanian meal usually eaten in the North of Jordan. It is often served in festivals and during occasions. With 16 layers of dough, each layer with roasted lamb and onions and slowly cooked in olive oil. After cooking, the meal is then divided into triangle-shaped parts with a knife.

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A popular seasoned rice meal made with fish. Its special taste is from using cumin alongside other spices. The combination of pan grilled fish, fragrant rice and toasted nuts is remarkable. With caramelized onions as the base to make the rice, you can be sure its a mouth-watering dish.

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Zarb (Bedouin Cuisine)

If you are visiting Wadi Rum, you can be sure to have a taste of this delicious meal. A mixture of lamb, chicken, carrots, potatoes, onions and rice. This is then put in grill stands over flaming hot coal and served to guests in a large tray.

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A very popular street food in Jordan and across the middle East. It can be eaten at anytime of the day. A meal of deep fried ground chick peas mixed with spices. It can also serve as a snack and eaten with dips like hummus or mutabbal.

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This yummy desert is a popular choice especially with tourists. Two layers of cheese and semolina or noodles is topped with grounded pistachios. It is served and best eaten hot.

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