Do you just want to enjoy a vacation without having to deal with planning alongside other people? Or you just need to go on a vacation alone to do only things that you are interested in? Whatever your reason is, it is important to find the most ideal destination to explore alone. Thinking of exploring a new destination, plan your vacation with Wakanow. Here, we’ve compiled a list of of amazing destinations for solo travelers. Lets get to it!


As a solo traveler, France is definitely a location that you’d like to explore. Its cities are ready to win you over with their timeless charms. Its capital city, Paris makes it quite easy to walk and move around. Although, we wouldn’t advise you to spend your entire stay in Paris. Indulge in a nice day trip from Paris to get a feel of what other parts of France are like. You’re going to leave with experiences that would last a lifetime.
Pro- tip: If you’re looking to visit tourist attractions, ensure that you book in advance. Be wary of pickpockets and also learn a bit of French to make communication a tad easier.

Foods to try: French onion soup, Steak frites, Chicken confit, Lamb Shank navarin, macaroon, Mille- feuille with roast strawberries and mascarpone.



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This beautiful country is for any kind of solo traveler: foodies, hikers, history enthusiast. Whoever you are, you’d find your fix in Italy. Its beautiful landscapes make it such a dreamy destination to visit. Although, traveling around is easy as its cities are not far off from each other, every city offers you something different. Explore the food and art scenes where you’ll be blown away by the magic of it all. Additionally, Italy’s tourism sector is well developed so you have nothing to worry about.
Best time to visit: Spring (March – May) and Autumn (September – November).

Foods to try: Gnocchi Sorrento, Fettuccini Alfredo, Lasagna Bolognese, Ravioli, Pizza Margherita and gelatos.



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Iceland’s incredible natural wonders and landscapes make it a fabulous travel destination. Expect a very warm welcome from the locals as they are always ready to help. Traveling alone won’t seem so bad if people are always willing to help with everything. Icelanders’ belief in the fact that everyone counts makes it easy to feel like you belong as soon as you step foot into the country. Visit the glowing Northern lights or the blue lagoon and immerse yourself in so much fun.
Best time to visit: Spring
Foods to try: Slow roasted lamb, Kjötsúpa, Hákarl and Skyr.
Currency: Icelandic krona



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The top reason why this destination should be on your list is simply because of its safety. From Kyoto to Osaka to Tokyo, you’re in for the time of your life. Immerse yourself in the culture by hitting the temples, talking a walk in the very lovely parks. One of the things that make Japan easy to explore is its mode of transportation that is easily accessible by everyone. Enjoy Japanese cuisines and get to know ore about the locals.
Best time to visit: Spring (March – May) and Autumn ( September – November).
Foods to try: Sushi, Tofu, Ramen, Yakitori.
Currency: Japanese Yen