Preparing to travel for the first time ever can be really exciting and in the same vein, overwhelming. Whether its to a new location or just generally your first time, it needs a bit more planning and for that, you can rely on Estymol Travels. Estymol Travels is committed to being your reliable travel partner and to ease your worries about travel. Although, everyone’s travel experience can be different and unique, you still need some basic tricks to hack your trip. To get the most out of your vacations, here are 5 tips for a first time traveler:

Pack light

Its important to pack only items that you consider necessary for your trip to avoid paying for excess luggage. So if you’re not sure you need it, don’t pack it. If you plan on shopping during your vacation, you do not need to pack a lot of clothes. Ensure that you research the weather of your destination and that you pack appropriate clothing. Also, make sure to pack some medicines that you might need for the days you might be feeling blue. The most important thing to remember is to get to the airport early. You might need to get to the airport at least an hour before your flight is scheduled to take off. You might also need to pack some snacks as airplane food is not necessarily filling.  

Get Travel Insurance

When traveling, its important to get travel insurance, and if you can, get one with emergency medical benefits. This will save you cost and prevent you from worrying if things don’t go according to plan. Travel insurance has so many benefits that can save you from minor mishaps that might happen on your trip. It is equally important to email soft copies of your documents to yourself.

Arrive During the Day

Arriving at your destination during the day is a great start to ensuring that you’re safe and well-rested. When you arrive during the daytie, it is a lot easier to look around and ask for help if the need arises. This will also give you sometime to walk around your neighborhood, read up on safety trips and just generally settle. Try to be polite and get to know the locals. If you’re in a non English speaking country, you might have to learn how to say a few words like hello, excuse me, sorry etc.

Take Care of Your Properties

Take very good care of the things you own. Its easy to lose things especially when you’re in transit so make sure your things are properly tagged and kept. When boarding and alighting from a car, always check yourself to be sure that all your items are complete. For cabs and other means of transportation, keep some change because a lot of times, the drivers might not have change.

Make a List

Try to learn as much as possible about your destination to get your head in the right space. When on your travels, make a list of all you’d like to do. This will you have a plan but keep it at the back of your mind that you still have to be flexible. Be open to trying other things especially because you will meet new people and make friends who might want you to tag along on some occasions. Always bear in mind that one of your main goals for going on a vacation is to create timeless memories so do just that!

Common reasons why your travel insurance claim might get rejectedBreathe

Finally, breathe. Take sometime out to just sit back and watch the word unfold around you. This creates a sense of peace so do it. Go to a local restaurant and just sit and observe. Remember, it okay to be nervous as a first time traveler so enjoy and embrace the entire experience.

With these tips, its only a matter of time before you become a travel guru. Put them into practice and voila!